"We suffer from a repression of the sublime" Roberto Assagioli

The Conscious Collective

The Conscious Collective is a network committed to:

  • promoting awareness of transpersonal psychology and psychospiritual therapists and practitioners
  • stimulating practitioner connection and discourse
  • easing cross-referral among psychospiritual/integrative practitioners
  • supporting writing, reading, and special interest groups
  • hosting events and guest speakers
  • publicising activities, courses and workshops that hold a psychospiritual orientation or address psychospiritual practice
  • facilitating peer group and individual supervision relationships
  • offering mutual promotion and online presence

The Conscious Collective will offer activities such as online and real time talks, interviews with notable psychospiritual thinkers, group discussions, holding groups, gatherings and CPD events; alongside the provision of resources including a website with online content (www.consciouscollective.org.uk) in the form of meditations and visualisations (audio files), recordings of video events, and in time the provision of podcasts, articles and publishing. 

Initially, we are looking for a small group of people who are interested in contributing to the Conscious Collective network and getting actively involved in its development and support. The work of this group will be developing activities, events and resources and promoting these in support of a growing peer-to-peer community.If you would be interested in getting involved and would like to learn more about the Conscious Collective project, please contact Peter Crowe: peter@consciouscollective.org.uk