"Trust that which gives you meaning and accept it as your guide" Carl Gustav Jung

Conscious Collective 

The purpose of the Conscious Collective is to engage and nurture global consciousness within individuals, groups and community. Our concern is exploring the richness of human 'being' in all its dimensions: through our embodiment, our emotions, our cognition and our spirit. Currently the Conscious Collective is comprised of people from a variety of backgrounds who view the world through a psychospiritual lens. The collective offers resources, workshops and CPD events in psychospiritual psychology from various venues across the South West.

The Conscious Collective is concerned with facilitating the human experience of syntropy: the tendency in nature to evolve toward increasingly inclusive and highly organized wholes. What Maslow described as self-actualisation and Jung individuation, Roberto Assagioli referred to as psychosynthesis. This developmental propensity is achieved through various means towards self-actualization and Self-realization, the attainment of a more direct experience of Self.  It is this synthetic project that provides the overarching context for our individual and collective work.

The Conscious Collective is a network of mutual support, resource and meeting for those wishing to nourish their sense of a greater spiritual and evolutionary context. We currently envision the Conscious Collective as being composed of psychospiritual practitioners (psychosynthesis, core process, transpersonal and integrative counsellors, psychologists and therapists), previous attendees of courses offered by The Open Way (‘The Discovery of Will’ and ‘All That We May Be’) and other similar provided by other providers, health and wellbeing therapists and other fellow psychospiritual travellers.

The proposal is that the Conscious Collective effectively combines the South West Transpersonal Network, with its focus on practitioners, with a more general community of active participants who share an interest in personal development, while retaining these distinctions where useful. With development of the Conscious Collective, we are looking to explore and promote ways to support this growing community in their personal development, integration and psychospiritual unfolding.

Such a network would be beneficial by:

  • promoting awareness of transpersonal psychology and psychospiritual practitioners
  • stimulating practitioner connection and discourse
  • easing cross-referral among psychospiritual/integrative practitioners
  • supporting writing, reading, and special interest groups
  • hosting events and guest speakers
  • publicising activities, courses and workshops that hold a psychospiritual orientation or address psychospiritual practice
  • facilitating peer group and individual supervision relationships
  • offering mutual promotion and online presence

Initially, we are looking for a small group of people who are interested in contributing to such a network and getting actively involved in its development and support. The work of this group would be in developing activities, events and resources and promoting these in support of a growing peer-to-peer community. We imagine the Conscious Collective will offer activities such as online and real time talks, interviews with notable psychospiritual thinkers, group discussions, holding groups, gatherings and CPD events; alongside the provision of resources including a website with online content (www.consciouscollective.org.uk) in the form of meditations and visualisations (audio files), recordings of video events, and in time the provision of podcasts, articles and publishing. 

If you would be interested in participating in this project and would like to learn more, please contact Peter Crowe: peter@consciouscollective.org.uk