"Trust that which gives you meaning and accept it as your guide" Carl Gustav Jung

Conscious Collective 

The purpose of the Conscious Collective is to engage and nurture global consciousness within individuals, groups and community. Our concern is exploring the richness of human 'being' in all its dimensions: through our embodiment, our emotions, our cognition and our spirit. Currently the Conscious Collective is comprised of people from a variety of backgrounds who view the world through a psychospiritual lens. The collective runs courses in personal development and CPD workshops in psychosynthesis and psychospiritual psychology from various venues across the South West.

The word ‘psychosynthesis’ carries two distinct meanings. The first is as a term applied to the human experience of syntropy: the tendency in nature to evolve toward increasingly inclusive and highly organized wholes (Russell, 1982). In this sense, psychosynthesis is an evolutionary movement, or the experience of that process, as it occurs.

Second and more specifically, psychosynthesis, denotes a particular form of transpersonal psychology, which as such may be expressed in terms of propositions and hypotheses that may be critically tested. The founder of psychosynthesis psychology, Roberto Assagioli (1888–1974) proposed a synthesis of various techniques of inner action, “aiming first at the development and perfection of the personality, and then at its harmonious co-ordination and increasing unification with the spiritual Self” (Assagioli, 1965, p.30).

The Conscious Collective is concerned with the first meaning; facilitating the developmental propensity described above through various means, not solely those of the second, towards self-actualization and Self-realization, the attainment of a more direct experience of Self.  It is this synthetic project that provides the overarching context for our individual and collective work.